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12W IP65 LED Grow Bulb

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  • Product Name:

    12W IP65 LED Grow Bulb

  • Model No.:

    F-Grow PAR38 IP65-12W
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Product Abstract:

12W LED grow light, IP65 waterproof, red blue lighting color, input voltage 85-265VAC, for indoor plants growth lamp, CE RoHS approval.

Product Description

12W IP65 LED Grow Bulb


Product Features
Lighting Color: Red Blue; (Also Full Red, Full Yellow, Full Blue, Full Green, Full White for more choices)
Beam Angle: 120°
Working Environment Temperature: -25°~65°
IP Grade: IP65
Different Wavelengths to Plant's Effect
Different Wavelengths to Plant's Effect
LED Grow Light Is for Supplement Lighting Energy for Plants
LED Grow Light Is for Supplement Lighting Energy for Plants
Product Description
1. High quality light source: taking special techniques and encapsulation of SMD LED light source, high brightness light emitting angle in 120 °.
2. Selection of a variety of lamp holder: E27 E26 etc.
3. Light color for customer choice, 1000 hours continuous lighting luminance, luminous flux, lumens depreciation at 3% or less.
4. Small volume, light weight, easy to install and use.
5. No mercury, lead or ultraviolet ray. Does not cause harm to human body, also not pollute the environment.
6. Unique isolation constant-current output power, over temperature protection, short circuit protection, ensure the work more efficient and stable working condition.
7. No preheating start-up millisecond best brightness, no stroboscopic and working noise, at the same time have excellent switch characteristics, high frequency switch will not affect its lifespan.
8. Customers can customize the different red and blue light ratio.
Product Advantages
·Reducing breeding cost, prolonging flowering time
·Promoting plants early maturity, increasing production, improving fruit quality
·To ensure that the greenhouse vegetables taste, anti-season cultivation
·Inhibition of diseases and insect pests breeding, reducing the dosage of pesticide, green, pollution-free
Specifications Datasheet


12W PAR38 Waterproof LED Grow Light





LED Quantity


Lamp Base


Power Supply


Input Voltage


Luminous Flux

Approximate 400-460Lumens

Lighting Color

Red & Blue


To Replace

About 26W Traditional Lamp

Net Weight



Separately Packaging

Beam Angle


Power Factor


Color Rendering Index








Storing Temperature


Operating Temperature


12W IP65 LED Grow LightE27 12W IP65 LED Grow Light12W IP65 LED Plant Light12W IP65 LED Grow Lighting12W IP65 LED Grow Plant Light12W IP65 LED Growing Light12W IP65 LED Grow Lighting Lamp12W IP65 LED Grow Light E2712W IP65 LED Grow Bulb
Wavelength Choice
LED wavelength specified by customers, red light promotes the plant germination, flowering, fruitage, blue light promotes plants growth such as roots and leaves.
Customers can choose the most suitable wavelength and color proportion to promote plants growth. (Warmly recommend: red light wavelength in 620-630nm, blue light wavelength in 450-460nm)
Plants Are Relatively Light Absorption Value and Relative Photochemical Effect
Plants Are Relatively Light Absorption Value and Relative Photochemical Effect
Spectral Relationship to Plant Growth
Spectral Relationship to Plant Growth
Product Application
Suiting for plants growth any period, and effective solution for culture or soil cultivation. Using in indoor garden, potted plants, garden, planting, breeding, farms, spraying plant, greenhouse cultivation, the water soluble cultivation, the flowers, aquaculture, greenhouse cultivation, the pipeline of cultivation and so on.
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