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2FT 45W LED Grow Lighting

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    2FT 45W LED Grow Lighting

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    F-Grow Linear-45W-60
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Product Abstract:

60cm LED linear plant lamp, SMD2835 LED light source in red blue for plants lighting, default light ration is 80red 32blue, lifespan over 50,000 hours.

Product Description

2FT 45W LED Grow Lighting

Product Description
1. 45W LED plant lamp as the fill light for plants that includes 112pcs 0.5W leds.
2. LED wavelength can be specified by customers, kindly suggest that the red light wavelengths using 620-630nm and 640-660nm, blue light wavelength using 450-460nm and 460-470nm. Red light promotes plants germination and flowering, blue light promotes plants growth, you can choose more suitable wavelength and light ratio to promote the growth of plants.
3. Using high quality LED light source, lifespan up to 50,000 hours.
4. It can replace 3-5 times the power of high pressure sodium lamp, also can save 80% of the electricity compared to the traditional high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp.
5. High photosynthetic efficiency, 90% of light can be absorbed by aquatic plants. But traditional high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp, only 8 to 10% of the photosynthetic efficiency.
6. 85-265VAC input voltage which is suitable for worldwide electricity. Built-in power supply, no other equipment configuration, simple and safe plug directly access 85-265VAC voltage to work, which needn’t a mirror and ballast.
7. Light irradiation area according to different plants and environment will be changed accordingly, technical parameters will be changed too.
8. All materials ring conform to the requirements of environmental protection, do not contain mercury, lead and other harmful heavy metal materials.
LED Grow Light Advantages
1. Reducing training costs, extending the flowering, promoting plants early maturity, increasing production, improving fruit quality, to ensure the greenhouse vegetables taste, anti-season cultivation.
2. Also can prevent diseases and insect pests of breeding, reduce the dosage of pesticide, green, pollution-free.
3. It can increase the fruit, moderate growth, shorten the growth cycle, and inhibit the increase production
4. Rainy day also can produce synthetic fill light, no need professional guidance, novice can also simple operation.
5. Compared to sun high inosculation of the spectrum wavelength, according to plants different spectrum, can be suitable for plants in different periods of the spectrum, comprehensively promote the photosynthesis.
6. Stimulating the potential ability to grow and nutrients, enhancing plants photosynthesis, to improve the plants’ survival rate more than general light.
7. As supplement light, at any time in a day can enhance the light, can extend the effective illumination time.
8. In the evening or night, can effectively prolong and control the plants’ light science.
9. Plants in the greenhouse or laboratory, can completely replace the natural light, to promote the growth of plants.
LED Grow Light Is for Supplement Lighting Energy for Plants
LED Grow Light Is for Supplement Lighting Energy for Plants
Different Wavelengths to Plant's Effect
Different Wavelengths to Plant's Effect
Specifications Datasheet


Linear 45W LED Grow Light





LED Quantity

112PCS 2835

LED Power


Power Supply


Input Voltage


Lighting Color


To Replace

About 130W Traditional Lamp

Net Weight






Covering Area

2.5M(1M Height)

Power Factor








Storing Temperature


Operating Temperature


45W LED Grow Light45W 60cm LED Grow Light45W 2ft LED Grow Light45W LED Grow Light 0.6m
Attention Please
1. Cut off the power before installation, to prevent to get an electric shock that avoid to touch the surface of the lamp while working.
2. Ensure that products used in normal circumstance to work.
3. Avoid to install in the heat source and thermal steam, corrosive gas, to avoid to effect lifespan.
4. Installed in places which no vibration, no fire hazard.
5. This product is not waterproof, do not pour water.
6. Do not touch or beat the product while working.
7. Before installation to ensure that the installation position can bear 10 times the weight of the product. 
Plants Are Relatively Light Absorption Value and Relative Photochemical Effect
Plants Are Relatively Light Absorption Value and Relative Photochemical Effect
Spectral Relationship to Plant Growth
Spectral Relationship to Plant Growth
Product Application
It’s suitable for any period of plant growth, and effective for culture or soil cultivation. It’s uitable for indoor garden, potted plants, garden, planting, breeding, farms, spraying plant, greenhouse cultivation, the water soluble cultivation, flower cultivation, greenhouse cultivation, the pipeline cultivation and so on.
Linear LED Growing Lamp
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